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Alpine geared cable winches

Profiable technology for the private forestry industry

The series of three-point alpine winches has been designed for semi-professional and forestry workers. The demand for the technology is the same. The differences can only be found in the limited range of accessories, which are perfectly adapted to the private forestry application area. Optimised for the re-use of wood under simple and medium-weight terrain conditions in semi-professional and forestry farms, the three-point forestry winches are also designed for small and medium-sized tractors in terms of dimensions and weight. The cable winch continues to be used in municipal and private forestry enterprises with a high demand for stability and safety (safety deposits).


Alpine XL.

The XL model also comes with a wide cable drum with a higher cable capacity.


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Profi geared cable winches

Unbeatable quality and resilience

At Interforst 2014 in Munich, a new winch generation was presented to forestry professionals and contractors. These were re-compiled in the configuration and adapted to current requirements in terms of performance, weight optimisation and security aspects. In contrast to the proven technology and robustness, only minor developments have been made in order to remain loyal to the motto “unmatched in overlapping, pulling and braking” in the future. A novelty in this series is the possibility of a constant pulling force from the lower to the upper cable layer.


Highest precision.

Our motto for the precision of the Schlang & Reichart winches: unmatched in overlapping, pulling and braking.


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Directly mounted winches

Directly to full power

Plug-in direct attachment winches also allow great pulling power with compact tractors. This is achieved by a deep mounting onto the tractor. The drive is directly connected to the tipper shaft of the tractor. In addition, the deep installation allows optimum stability and a perfect view of the support from the cabin.
Schlang & Reichart Direct attachment winches are attached to the tractor by means of an adapter plate in the towbar and can thus be mounted quickly and easily to various tractor units with different mounting plates. Due to the mounting of the brackets, the tractor remains free from loads when it is being placed, for the most part. The optimised console also allows the cable winch to be installed quickly and easily and without the need for an external lifting device. Only one stand support is required.


Favourable centre of gravity

The low-level attachment of the Schlang & Reichart direct-mounted winches allows greater performance with compact tractors.


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Fixing and plugging winches

If a cable winch is used daily on a commercial basis, the choice of a Schlang & Reichart plug or fixed attachment winch is recommended. The reason for this is the different attachment of the cable winch and sprag bearing on the tractor, meaning that the tractor remains largely free of mechanical strain during winching.

Schlang & Reichart mounted winches consist of an adaptable modular system and can therefore be easily adapted to the almost all tractor types. The complete reliability and durability of the cable winches is guaranteed by the precision worm gear used in the winch assembly and the cylinder discs.
Depending on the requirements of the operator, the cable winches are available with various tractive powers, stacking shield widths and cable capacities.


A true powerhouse.

A Schlang & Reichart plug-in and fixed attachment winch turns a standard tractor into professional forestry tractor.


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Cable winch units

Pulling and securing with maximum reliability

Schlang & Reichart forestry winches are reliable in the agricultural and forestry sector and also wherever heavy loads have to be pulled or secured. The extensive product plate includes standard winches as well as customised special solutions.


Flexible usage.

Schlang & Reichart winch units can be used in different vehicles for different applications.


Compact installation.

The compact design of the winch winches allows uncomplicated installation even in confined spaces.


The advantages of Schlang & Reichart Cable winch units

  • Optimal adaptation to the respective application area by individual assembly of the winch unit from a large module catalogue is possible
  • Maximum precision when pulling and securing loads by multi-disc sintered metal disc clutch and brake
  • Unique 2 circuit hydraulic circuit for exact and short response time of the control of 0.25 sec-1
  • Easy positioning of the cable winch unit in confined spaces thanks to its compact design
  • Large accessory program with cable guide and winding systems, rope ejection, and much more.


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Forwarding trailers

For every application

Individuality combined with maximum flexibility allows us to meet the demands of tomorrow. The forwarding trailers have been developed for professional use by forestry and forestry companies. The forwarding trailers by Schlang & Reichart are suitable for every application under the toughest conditions and can be customised to specific requirements. Quality features of the forwarding trailers are e.g. the robust frame made of torsion-resistant fine-grained steel or the heavy-duty forestry cranes. In order to reach the work areas quickly, all forwarding trailers from Schlang & Reichart are delivered with a road approval. On request the vehicle can also be approved at 40 km/h. 


Transportation winner.

Powerful forwarding trailer combined with professional forestry cranes.


Read more about the forwarding trailers and the technical details here


For every application

The modern and high-performance forestry cranes by Schlang & Reichart forestry cranes are designed for professional service. The forest cranes are designed for loading and backing short logs. They can also be built on agricultural tractors. The crane program offers forestry cranes in various performance classes with a capacity of up to 10.0 m and a lifting capacity of 9.0 m / t. In addition to the L-crane for forestry trailers, Schlang & Reichart also offers Z-cranes. These are predominantly installed on the Schlang & Reichart unimog trailer.

Stroke power.

High pivoting torque and high lifting force - the performance data of Schlang & Reichart cranes.


Read more about the cranes and the technical details here

Forestry protection devices

The Schlang & Reichart Research Program provides forestry protection equipment for almost all tractor models from the various manufacturers.
The range includes underrun protection, gearbox, engine, axle and tank cladding and branch protection for the cab. Quick-fit mudguards, lighting and mirrors are also available.


Perfectly protected.

Schlang & Reichart forest protection equipment allows the use of agricultural tractors in forestry.


Forestry protection devices

  • Lighting protection
  • Service friendly
  • Engine hood protection
  • Cab protection
  • Tank protection
  • Front axle protection
  • Front stacking shield unit
  • Floor pan

Schlang & Reichart unimog programme

The Schlang & Reichart cultivation program is as varied as the Unimog itself. Today, from the standardised front-end caps to the customer-specific system solution, we offer you comprehensive solutions for nearly all applications of the Unimog. In order to ensure that you do not lose the flexibility of the Unimog, Schlang & Reichart Unimog products are always easy and quick to install and the vehicle can also be used for other attachments.


Unimog partner.

Schlang & Reichart has been a Unimog device system partner since February 2017. This guarantees perfectly matched devices in the highest quality.

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